Stop Holding Those Grudges…

We will never find emotional stability until we learn to deal with our guilt by allowing God to remove it. Of course this involves you letting it go and releasing it to Him.

David said in Psalm 23:3 says, “He restores my soul.” God wants to restore our soul just like He did David’s.

How does God do this? First, He does it when we allow Him to remove our guilt. 
Also, He does this when we allow Him to relieve us of our grief. Let conclude by talking about Him replacing our grudges.

1.  LET GOD REMOVE YOUR GUILT. (Part 1) ‘Aren’t You Tired Of Living With Guilt.’

2.  LET GOD RELIEVE YOUR GRIEF. (Part 2) ‘Grudges will make you a bitter person.’


Grudges come from what other people do to me.  I feel guilty for what I’ve done to others, but I feel grudges about what others have done to me.  You’re going to be hurt in life; that’s a fact of life.  Life isn’t fair.  People will hurt you. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s unintentional.  Either way, it still hurts.  How you handle the resentments of life determine whether you are a bitter person or a better person.  The difference between bitter and better is the letter “I”.  I make the choice.  I can choose whether the circumstance will devastate me or direct me on to a new path.  Whether it will make me bitter or better.

What do I do with all the hurts that have piled up, all the emotional garbage that I still resent, and when those people come to mind it just tightens my stomach up?  What do I do?  Job 5:2 – “To worry yourself to death with resentment would be a foolish, senseless thing to do.”  Why?  Resentment never hurts the other person.  It only hurts you.  The other person might be totally oblivious that you’re even thinking about them.  They’ve gone on with their life.  Some of you are continuing to allow people from your past to hurt you now!  And that’s stupid!  Your past is past.  They cannot hurt you anymore unless you keep rehearsing it in your mind.  Every time you rehearse that resentment they’ll hurt you again.  They may even be dead and they’re still hurting you from the grave.  That is dumb!  You don’t hurt them by resenting.  Holding onto a hurt, only hurts you. “You’re only hurting yourself with your anger.”  (Job 18:4)

What do you do with your grudges?  Romans 12:19 –  “Dear friends, never avenge yourselves.  Leave that to God, for He has said He will repay those who deserve it.”  Remember, this is earth, not heaven.

So don’t avenge yourself.  It will eat you up.  What do you do instead? “Get rid of all bitterness … forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you.  One of the greatest things that Martin Luther King said, “Bitterness is blindness.”  If I allow you and your hurt to make me bitter it blinds me.  It blinds me to the truth, to all that’s good in the world and all I can see is the bad, evil, prejudice, and sin.  It blinds me to what God wants to do in my life.  God wants to even take the negative, harmful, hurtful and turn it around and use it for good and make me a better person.  I can’t see that when I’m bitter.

You will never be healed from your hurt until you accept God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ and then you offer that same forgiveness to other people.

What is it you still feel guilty about? Stop punishing yourself for the past. You don’t need a self-help book. You need a Savior.  Only a Savior can forgive ones guilt.

How about your grief?  Are you still holding onto it and moaning instead of mourning?  Are you looking at what’s left instead of what’s lost?  Are you playing it down and praying it up?  Are you letting that grief incapacitate you, keeping you in a prison — a self imposed prison.  Nobody locked the door — you locked it yourself.  Say, “God relieve my grief.”

How about your grudges?  Are you still allowing people in your past to continue to hurt you in the present?  Stop! Don’t let them hurt you anymore.  They cannot hurt you without your permission.  The past is past.  Give God your grief, guilt, and grudges.   Now get up and get on with life.   Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

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